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Come Explore with The Pacific Horticulture Foundation!
for Botanical Enthusiasts
September 23–October 10, 2012

An outstanding introduction to the botanical heritage and unique wildlife of Madagascar, this 18-day expedition offers nature enthusiasts an exceptional opportunity to become acquainted with the flora and fauna of Madagascar.

Here, on the fourth largest island in the world, isolatedfrom the African continent for 30 million years, is a spectacular flora and fauna. Madagascar is home to at least 12,000 plants and a higher percentage are unique to the country. Ninety-five percent of the lemurs and reptiles, 80 percent of the flowering plants, 98 percent of the palms, and more than 100 birds are simply found nowhere else.

The itinerary includes the capital city Antananarivo, plus:

  • Morondava & the Avenue of the Baobabs, an iconic landscape in western Madagascar, soon to be a national monument.
  • Berenty Reserve, on the sandy red banks of the Mandrare River, an internationally acclaimed wildlife reserve in the semi-arid south. Enjoy the unique spiny desert dominated by baobabs, Alluaudin, and other plants found only in Madagascar, plus a profusion of ring-tailed lemurs, sifakas, lepilemurs, and flying foxes.
  • Nosy Be & Lokobe Reserve, with a near-perfect climate and lush growth, Lokobe Reserve includes the last primary forest in the northwest. Also smell ylang-ylang blooms, along with vanilla beans, and see sugar cane and local gardens. The shore is lined by mangroves or white beaches. Snorkel and swim among colorful fish and see the sacred black lemurs.
  • Isole National Park, an extraordinary landscape in the southwest with dramatic arid sandstone ridges sculpted by wind and water with many endemic plants of interest.
  • Perinet Reserve, just a short distance from Antananarivo. Look for the largest of the lemurs, the indri, noted for its ear-shattering cries and agility in traveling through the rainforest canopy. Explore the moist forest with trees covered in epiphytes, ferns, and large lianas with bamboo below.

Also of interest will be the intriguing cultural heritage of Madagascar, with antecedents from Indonesia, Arabia, Africa, and Europe.

$3,995 plus air.

Brochure (Requires an Adobe pdf reader to view)

Dear Travelers:

In 2012, we invite you to join this exceptional expedition to see the native plants and wildlife of Madagascar, led by an outstanding Madagascar guide.

This extraordinary country, isolated off the east coast of Africa, is one of the world’s highest conservation priorities. Here, the proportion of unique species may be incomparable on earth — an evolutionary heritage of tremendous interest to travelers, botanists, conservationists, and scientists, alike.

During this 18-day expedition, you will visit the finest reserves in the country, from Perinet to Isole and Berenty. There will be special opportunities
to learn about the Malagasy heritage and biological diversity in this enchanting land of Lemur catta and Didiereaceae!

We hope you will join us, and discover the magnificence and adventure of Madagascar in 2012!

Sincerely yours,

Kathy Musial,
For Pacific Horticulture Society


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